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They bring focus on the feet and help to show off that terrific pedicure. Strappy heels also serve the purpose well and look absolutely divine while using the right wedding dress.

When selecting a great pair of purple heels, the main factor should be comfort. If it is good and looks excellent, then you’ve made the ideal choice. Experiment wearing your footwear with different outfits and you should be surprised by a plan you didn’t think of before.
Sometime around 2008, shoemakers declared that 6 inch heels are definitely the new norm with world-renowned footwear designers launching skyscraper-high heels on their runway collections. In an instant, the 5 inch heel, which was once thought of the highest a heel could ever go, was reduced to just an ordinary heel. Needless to say, the 3 inch heeled shoes wasn’t even registering n the style radar and kitten heels are deemed extinct.

With zero one’s stopping at simply 6 inches, especially with experimental footwear designers creating the impossible possible through heel less heels and going futuristic through alien-like armadillo shoes worn by eccentric socialites and fashion icons in the red carpet averaging 10-inches high, it probably wouldn’t be a long time before the half a ruler high heels are the norm.

But is it worth it? Are the risks posed by balancing on such high heel slides worth it? Let’s examine.

Risks to Women

Being dressed in towering heels for an extended time frame can cause at the very least blisters and at its worst extremely painful hammer toes and bunions, both which could require surgery just to ease out the soreness. There are even a few cases wherein the spine alignment has also become affected resulting to slide discs.

Dangers Posed to Moms

Several celebrity moms have already come under fire with mommy groups and concerned citizens around the globe, after they were photographed wearing 6 inch heels at the height of their pregnancy. A popstar famous for her killer heels wore some sort of 6 inch heeled shoe to the Royal Wedding while a high profile stylist and reality TELEVISION SET star wore a towering leopard create booties 9 months inside her pregnancy.

Nevermind that wearing high heels can cause a whole lot of strain on the spine and may be very uncomfortable, just the actual of keeping your balance and also the possibility of slipping and landing on your tummy is a serious cause for concern. In truth, reports say that some sort of singer slash designer’s recent surgery for her slip disc was brought on by wearing extremely high high heel during her pregnancy. Helpful in reducing, she is also due for operation on her behalf awful looking bunions.

High heels vs Models and Stars

Most likely the best example that nobody is exempt from this dangers posed by wearing stilettos is that moment when an “it” supermodel fell down the runway all through Paris fashion week wearing, what at that time, was one of the highest heels in the market, the super-elevated Gillie footwear. There’s also the boycott on the few supermodels of an avant garde designer’s show as a result of his armadillo shoes citing they don’t feel safe walking with them on. leggings, Heels, handmade women shoes

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